Reunion of over 90 family members shows what Chinese New Year is all about

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It’s no easy feat organising a chalet for more than 90 people, but Stomper Michael’s family has been putting in the work every year so that the family can get together to celebrate Chinese New Year. 

Michael sent Stomp a family portrait taken during the most recent gathering at the National Service Resort & Country Club on Saturday (Feb 17).

Said Michael:

“In the photo are all my maternal relatives. My mother has seven siblings, so when their children and even grandchildren come down, it can get quite crowded.”

Asked how a family of this size stays close, Michael said that the members all contact each other in a WhatsApp group.

He added:

“Although it’s not the whole group, many of us will meet up occasionally. 

“Everyone will come for the Chinese New Year gathering at the National Service Resort & Country Club. It’s a one-day event and a tradition that has been happening for years now.

“I feel fortunate to be part of this big, happy family.“

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