Restaurant removes 'no pork lard' sign after woman complains about it being misleading

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February 21, 2023

A woman took to social media to share her displeasure with a signage at a restaurant that almost “cheated” her into thinking that it was Muslim-friendly. 

In a TikTok video on Saturday (Feb 18), user Lunanguyen.hb showed that a Peranakan restaurant had a signage which read “no pork lard", while the menu offered dishes that had pork in them. 

Based on the video and the location tagged, the restaurant in question appears to be Tingkat Peramakan at PLQ Mall. 

In her caption, the woman alerted consumers: “Don’t overlook the signage Muslim friends!”

Some in the comments, however, pointed out that she had misinterpreted the sign.


Don't overlook the signage Muslim friends!

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One said: “No pork lard doesn’t mean not selling pork.”

Others were grateful to her for highlighting the signage, but advised her to look out for halal certification instead when deciding the suitability of an eatery. 

“It says no pork lard means they don’t use pork lard in their cooking... that does not mean there’s no pork... Look for halal sign instead,” said one user. 

In response, the woman said: “You are right. Should look for halal sign next time.”

However, the next day (Feb 20), she took to TikTok again to show that the restaurant had removed the sign.

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Her caption, which was aimed at those who accused her of misinterpreting the sign, read: “If there is nothing wrong why must they remove it? At least it’s misleading.”

The restaurant’s menu, however, indicates that pork is served in the shop. 

The woman added: “Some Muslims will be ok to eat the food if they see this kind of signage. So my post is to let people know and don’t overlook like us.”

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