Residents of Blk 350 Anchorvale Rd, this is not how you dump your rubbish and bulky items

Submitted by Stomper Stomper

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A Stomper is frustrated with her neighbours who are constantly dumping their rubbish at the central refuse chute area on the 16th floor of Block 350 Anchorvale Road.

According to the Stomper, this has been a constant problem for several months:

"I do not know which neighbour of mine always dumps all these rubbish outside.

"At times, they also dump rice all over the floor."

Recently, she took photos of the situation at the chute where bags of rubbish lay strewn on the floor.

There was also a sofa and chair left there as well.

According to Ang Mo Kio Town Council, which manages the common areas of HDB estates in Sengang West, bulky items should not be left at common areas including centralised refuse chute areas.

Instead, residents should call the Town Council at 6453 0511 to arrange for a free monthly bulky removal service.

"I just hope we can help each other to maintain the area's cleanliness so that our children can grow up in a hygienic place," said the Stomper