Residents display kampung spirit by leaving free masks, hand sanitisers and more in Punggol lift

Adversity tends to expose the ugly side of humanity — but not always.

The current coronavirus outbreak has seen both individuals and businesses selling masks at inflated prices as well as unfair discrimination and unwarranted panic.

However, it has also resulted in heartwarming acts of kindness from everyday heroes.

Residents at Block 267B Punggol Field have been showing their kampung spirit by leaving highly sought-after necessities in a lift.

According to Facebook page Collike, the inspiring initiative started off with someone placing a bottle of hand sanitiser and masks in the lift for everyone's use.

This prompted other residents to chip in with surgical masks, N95 masks and even alcohol swabs.

The items were even accompanied by lovely notes that encouraged residents to take what they need.

(Photo: Joel Chan/The Straits Times)

"Hope this Singapore kindness can spread faster than the Wuhan virus," added the post, which garnered over 1,800 likes and more than 5,600 shares in less than a day.

Netizens have reacted positively to the post by praising the residents for their generosity and neighbourly spirit.

Some also shared similar initiatives in their estates.

One user commented: "If we all behave like this, instead of being kiasi and kiasu, we will be so much better off! Keep it up."

Another said: "So proud of these group of Singaporeans... wished we had this kind of neighbourly spirit worldwide."