Residents advised to remove pork belly hung outside Jurong West window: Town Council

Submitted by Stomper S

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A household who left meat out to dry outside their window in Jurong West has been advised to removed the items, the town council told Stomp.

Stomper S, a resident at Jurong West Street 61 (exact location redacted), saw the slabs of meat on Sunday (Oct 11).

Sharing photos with Stomp, S said: "My neighbours and I are speechless. If you have neighbours like them, how would you feel? I believe you will be pissed.

"Are they selling homemade bacon? This is ridiculous, selfish and unhygienic."

S told Stomp that while this was not a regular occurrence, he felt irritated by the incident, adding: "My neighbourhood has reported this to the town council."

S also wrote about the incident on Facebook, where his post has since garnered over 1,800 shares and almost 400 comments.

In response to a Stomp query, West Coast Town Council said it is aware of the matter.

"Our staff has approached the said unit and advised them to remove the items," it added.

"For the benefit of our residents' health and hygiene, we would like to remind residents not to hang any food items on the laundry rack."

This is not the first time a resident has left meat out to dry outside their HDB windows. Stomp reported similar incidents in Yishun and Woodlands earlier in March and April respectively.

In both cases, Stompers complained of a foul smell coming from the meat that their neighbours had hung outside their windows.