Resident stunned by aircon technician's 'Spider-Man-like' stunts at Dakota Crescent

Submitted by Stomper iNone

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A Dakota resident was concerned to see an aircon technician precariously perched on top of an aircon unit at Block 97 Jalan Dua on Saturday morning (Dec 14).

Stomper iNone shared photos with Stomp of the serviceman lying and sitting on top of the air-con outside a seventh-storey unit.

She likened his antics to that of comic book hero Spider-Man.

"It was raining, if not drizzling when my dad took the photos," she said.

"It was absolutely dangerous and nerve-wracking.

"He is wearing a harness but it is still super dangerous because blocks in this area usually have old aircons installed outside the units.

"I wonder if other units' aircons are repaired the same way."