Resident looking for witness to hit-and-run at Jurong East carpark which left his motorcycle damaged

Submitted by Stomper Jason

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Stomper Jason is appealing for witnesses to a hit-and-run case which damaged his motorcycle that was parked at the foot of Block 339 Jurong East Avenue 1.

The incident happened yesterday (Oct 25) between 8am and 12pm. 

According to Jason, the motorcycle was fine when he last saw it at 8am, but when he returned at 1pm, he found scratches on the exhaust pipes and sides of the motorcycle. 

The right side mirror had also fallen off. 

Said Jason:

“This is a new bike which I just got last month.

“Now I have to spend a fortune fixing the bike.

“I think there was a heavy vehicle involved from the looks of it.

“There are often heavy vehicles here that are just parked in the 
regular lots.”

Jason revealed that another resident later told him that he had the same encounter at the carpark too, adding:

“He (the resident) said that when he saw my motorbike at 12pm, it had already been damaged.

"He also told me that his truck was parked downstairs the last time and it was damaged too.

“Till this day, he hasn’t found the person who did it.”