Resident hangs raw pork belly outside Bukit Batok window, stains neighbour's clothes

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Jan 16, 2023

One resident in Bukit Batok got a rude shock when he found his freshly washed clothes stained with soya sauce while they were being hung out to dry.

When he looked up, he saw slabs of raw pork belly hanging from a bamboo pole outside the kitchen window of a 5th-storey unit.

Facebook user Bob Tan posted photos of the “hanging pork” to Facebook group Complaint Singapore on Sunday (Jan 15).

"My neighbour hangs pork belly outside the flat's kitchen window and dirty all my just-washed clothes with soy sauce," Tan wrote.

In the comments section, netizens urged him to report the incident to the National Environment Agency and the appropriate town council.

"No basic respect to other neighbours and not sensitive to other religion and beliefs," wrote one commenter.

Another user wondered: "What if the sauce or the whole pork piece fell and kena a Muslim unit?"

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