Resident concerned about mountain of rubbish along corridor at Hougang HDB block: 'It's a fire hazard'

Submitted by Stomper S

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Update on Sep 26:

Ang Mo Kio Town Council clarified with Stomp that the mountain of rubbish was due to a resident who was clearing things from her flat

Original article:

A resident was concerned that a mountain of rubbish along a corridor at Block 917 Hougang Avenue 9 would pose as a fire hazard.

Stomper S contributed photos of the rubbish sitting at the second storey of the block.

He told Stomp: "I saw this at about 6pm on Sunday (Sep 22).

"When I was walking down the stairs again at about 10am today (Sep 25), the rubbish was still there.

"It's inconsiderate for people to be putting these items there and not doing anything about it.

"This is a fire hazard. The people who put the items there are so irresponsible."

Stomp has reached out to Ang Mo Kio Town Council for more information.

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