Resident concerned about 2 beehives on trees near carpark in Simei

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A Simei resident was concerned after he found two beehives on some trees near a multi-storey carpark at Block 131 Simei Street 1.

The Stomper, who resides at Block 131, was at a multi-storey carpark nearby when he took photos of these beehives at about 1.30pm on Monday (Nov 11).

He told Stomp: "I was packing up my stuff in my car boot and preparing to leave when I looked at the trees and saw something black.

"I took a closer look and saw that they look like beehives.

"There were two hives on two trees that were right beside each other.

"The hives are very visible from deck 3A of the multi-storey carpark. I could see some bees flying around the hives but didn't see any flying around or in the carpark.

"I couldn't see the hives from my house and no bees have flown in and didn't hear of anyone who has gotten stung by any bees either.

"The hives are right above an outdoor carpark. There are cars parked right below the hives and a lot of pedestrians walking below it.

"Right now, the hives are small but they may pose a danger to the people around if they get bigger.

"There are a lot of children nearby since there are many kindergartens in the area."

Stomp has reached out to East Coast Town Council for more information.

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