'Report what? Report me to PAP? 999?': Passengers yell Hokkien obscenities at each other on bus

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We all just want a peaceful bus ride. 

But two men on a bus were not letting their fellow passengers have one.

One man was caught on camera in a war of words with the other man who is not shown in the video posted online by Singapore Incidents on Tuesday (Sept 13).

The video, which does not show the cause of the argument, is captioned "Uncles taunting each other in the bus".

It starts with someone saying the Chinese proverb "peace brings prosperity" in Mandarin.

But tempers soon flared as the two men started speaking in Hokkien and raising their voices.

At one point, the man on camera said: "Report? Report what? Report me to PAP? 999?"

The two ended up just yelling the male and female genitalia at each other.

A third male voice, presumably belonging to the bus captain, can be heard speaking in Mandarin in the background trying to get the two men to stop.

One netizen commented: "The only words I could understand were the bad ones."

Stomp had recently reported a similar incident where a bus passenger went on an expletive-filled rant after he was asked to turn down the music on his phone.