Renowned restaurateur dies after getting bitten by Super Junior member Choi Siwon's family bulldog

Choi Siwon of K-pop group Super Junior has apologised after his family dog bit a renowned restaurateur to death.

According to The Korea Herald, 53-year-old Kim who ran famous Korean restaurant Hanilkwan, died on Oct 6 of sepsis after she was bitten by a French bulldog owned by the Chois at an apartment in Apgujeong-dong, southern Seoul, on Sept 30.

Choi's father was walking the dog when the attack took place. The canine was untied then.

Although Choi has made an apology over what happened, netizens are still berating him and his family for the incident, saying that they should have been more careful in handling the dog.

Some even wanted the 31-year-old celebrity to be dropped out of new drama "Revolutionary Love", where he plays a lead role.

Kim's family said that they have forgiven the Chois and that they are not planning to take any legal action.