Regular customer shocked by 'pathetic' lunch with charred meat from restaurant

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A diner has always been an avid fan of the Paradise Dynasty restaurant chain — but that may soon come to an end after his recent disappointing experience.

Stomper Jeron identified himself a a "regular supporter" of Paradise Group, which has various dining concepts such as Beauty in The Pot and LeNu under its belt.

However, he was dismayed by the quality of his lunch from Paradise Dynasty at Funan on Sunday (July 10).

The Stomper said he had ordered a double-boiled chicken soup and a bento set from the restaurant via Deliveroo. The final cost came up to $23.32.

Here's what the bento set contains:

Jeron told Stomp: "As a regular Paradise Group supporter, I would order from Paradise Dynasty and LeNu at least two to three times per week. I even ordered from LeNu at Funan on Saturday.

"On Sunday, I ordered from Paradise Dynasty at Funan.

"The double boiled chicken soup was so pathetic with soup and just one chicken wing. The container was super small and like the kind that people use to put glutinous rice chicken (罗米鸡).

"My parents and I were super shocked. That is so pathetic. The price was $13.56 for that one pathetic chicken wing."

Jeron shared photos of his meal, including that one shows him comparing the size of the soup container to his fist.

He added: "The bento set meal had lots of black debris on the meat. I had to manually peel them off as those charred debris might lead to cancer.

"I called Paradise Dynasty more than 10 times and left a few voice messages, but no one contacted me. I am so disappointed.

"I also contacted Deliveroo, but they said there's nothing much they can do about it since they have no control over restaurant portions.

"The whole matter has been a waste of my money and time, as I've had to draft emails and share this on all my social media platforms as well as to online news agencies and the authorities."

View more photos of Jeron's food in the gallery.