Redhill resident calls police after paying salesman $188 for 'tasteless' durians

A Redhill resident lodged a police report after finding that the $188 Mao Shan Wang durians which she had purchased from a salesman were ‘tasteless’ and had a texture akin to ‘cardboard’. 

The incident happened at around 3pm on Aug 28, 2016, in Block 46, Lengkok Bahru. 

The 71-year-old resident told Shin Min Daily News that she was having a siesta when a salesman knocked on her door.

She said:

“The salesman looked like an honest man.

“He told me that he was peddling Mao Shan Wang durians from Malacca. 

“I originally only wanted to buy one, but he kept pestering me, so I got two instead.”

The salesman extracted the meat from the two durians which she bought, passed it to her and left swiftly. 

When she inspected her purchase after, she found that the meat was hard and not fragrant. 

She felt that she had been conned, and this was not the Mao Shan Wang quality which she was promised. 

According to the resident, the salesman seemed to be in his thirties and was rather tall.

He also sported tattoos on both his arms and spoke with an accent. 

She added:

“The transaction was over in 15 minutes.

“After I realised I was conned, I was so angry that I called the police immediately.

“I hope they find this man soon so other people won't get conned.”