Red Lions parachuter injured after hard landing during Army Open House rehearsal

A Red Lions parachuter sustained light injuries from a hard landing after a minor hiccup during a rehearsal for the Army Open House 2017. 

The parachuter, third warrant officer (3WO) Sim Chee Jin, received scrapes on his arm after ‘strong and sudden ground wind direction changes’ pushed him into the path of his teammate’s descend, causing the two parachutes to become tangled, reports Coconuts Singapore

The two parachuters subsequently tumbled onto the ground, with 3WO Sim missing the landing strip entirely. 

Fortunately, He did not suffer serious injuries.

An update on The Singapore Army’s Facebook page wrote:

“This morning, one of our Red Lions, 3WO Sim Chee Jin, had a hard landing.

“But we are glad to say that he only sustained some minor scrapes.

“We followed up with him to find out how he was.

“He told us: ‘I'm glad to be given the opportunity to represent the Singapore Armed Forces Red Lions Parachute Display Team for display jump for the Army Open House 2017. Although there was a minor hiccup during my landing in this morning's rehearsal jump, resulting in scrapes on my arm, the team is all set and ready to put up a good show for all this coming weekend! See you guys at AOH 17!’”

According to the page, medics on standby attended to 3WO Sim’s injuries immediately after the incident.