Reckless 'stunt' from BMW driver along Telok Blangah Road startles elderly woman in Stomper's car

A BMW driver was caught on camera recklessly changing lanes along Telok Blangah Road on Jul 23 at around 8.20pm, startling an elderly passenger in Stomper Nicholas' car in the process.

In a telephone interview, the Stomper said that he was first travelling on the centre lane of Telok Blangah Road. He wanted to filter his vehicle into the third lane to make a turn into Alexandra Road.

At that point, a taxi and the BMW were occupying the third lane. According to the Stomper, there was considerable distance between two vehicles, and he decided to manoeuvre his car behind the taxi.

However, Nicholas said that the BMW driver sped up as he was filtering right, preventing him from making the lane change.

The BMW driver continued accelerating, and recklessly changed lanes right in front of the Stomper's car.

Nicholas said there was an elderly woman in the passenger seat of his car at that point. She had a shock following what happened.

Said the Stomper:

"It is dangerous for the driver to do that.

"Stunts like this can cause accidents."