'Reckless' Mercedes driver 'swerves' into Stomper's lane when exiting AYE, 'causing near-accident'

Submitted by Stomper Love

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A Mercedes-Benz driver flashed its headlights at another car and "swerved' into the other car's lane when exiting the Ayer Rajah Expressway at Clementi Avenue 6.

Sharing a video of the incident, Stomper Love, the driver of the other car, said it happened on Monday (Oct 24) at about 6pm.

He accused the driver of the Mercedes-Benz GLA180 of "reckless driving" and said: "The car swerved into my lane while negotiating a turn, causing a near-accident.

"My wife was shocked by the way this crazy person drove. I had to swerve right to avoid him hitting the side of my car."

In the rear dash cam video, the Mercedes can be seen speeding towards the Stomper from behind and flashing its headlights before coming into the Stomper's lane.

As the lane widens into two towards the exit, the Mercedes overtook the Stomper on the right, close enough to startle the Stomper's wife in the passenger seat who shouted for the Stomper to move away from the Mercedes.

The Stomper said he has made a Traffic Police report.

"I hope the Traffic Police will investigate and take action against such a dangerous and reckless driver," he added.