Reckless e-scooter rider tailgates car along Woodlands Dr 16

Submitted by Stomper Derrick

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Stomper Derrick was driving along Woodlands Drive 16 on Friday (Jan 5) at around 4.03pm when he spotted an e-scooter rider on the opposite lane of the road. 

Derrick sounded his horn, but the rider simply zipped past. 

According to Derrick, this was not the first time encountering this rider, and prior to the incident, he had seen him on the roads before too. 

Derrick said:

“Seeing that he was able to tailgate the car, the rider must have been travelling at quite fast.

“I worry about the safety of the residents here. 

“I think Personal mobility device (PMD) is good, but should not be misused by these youngsters.

“They should be used responsibly, with caution and personal safety equipment.

“If the driver in front of the rider had engaged his brakes, the rider would have definitely rammed into the car.”