Reckless driver SKU6517X cuts lane and hits bike, causing another vehicle to ram into rider

A driver with the licence plate number SKU6517X was caught on camera recklessly cutting into a lane abruptly and without signalling, hence hitting a three-wheeled bike in the process.

In a video posted by, the biker can be seen trying to avoid the blue car, but to no avail.

The latter then simply drove off, but can be seen cutting back into the leftmost lane again.

Meanwhile, the first collision caused the biker to get rammed into by an oncoming vehicle from behind him.

The impact caused the motorcycle case on the bike's rear to fall off onto the road, as well as forced the rider to get down from his vehicle.

A man in white can then be seen approaching the biker to help.

According to, the incident happened along the Tampines Expressway (TPE) on May 12, at around 3.12pm.

Netizens have slammed the driver of the blue car for his reckless behaviour and called for the Singapore Police Force (SPF) to take action against him.