Readers touched by man's beautifully written obituary reflecting on his life's struggles and achievements

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Mr Ong Peck Lye's beautifully written and unique obituary has resonated with many Singaporeans.

It was written in the first person and included a touching poem on his life that was dedicated to his family.

The obituary was published in The Straits Times on Friday (June 10).

Stomper KaliDass sent a picture of the obituary to Stomp that was shared on Facebook user Robin Ann Rheaume's page.

It has since garnered over 1,500 likes and has more than 600 shares.

Facebook user Su-In Kuah wrote:

"I love that. It's so beautifully written & so honest. It says a lot. Thanks for sharing this."

According to The New Paper, the poem was written by Mr Ong's second son, Mr Ong Tiong Yeow.

His father died from pneumonia on Wednesday at the age of 82 and is survived by his wife and three sons.

The 52-year-old said: 

"I wrote it as though my father was the one who wrote it. I truly believe that it was what he would say if he could.

"It was a way for us and my father's friends to remember the man.

"Many who came to the wake said that when they read the poem, it was exactly the sort of person my father was."

He styled himself as the "Samseng (Malay for gangster) son" as he was bad-tempered when he was younger.

Having spent the most time with his father, he wrote the poem as a tribute to what his father had achieved rising from poverty to become a found of the Stamford Tyres business empire.

He also wanted to keep it honest and hoped it would show that no man is perfect.

He said:

"He was a proud and chauvinistic traditionalist. He knew he had made mistakes in his life and family."

"I wrote this poem because I just wanted to share that every family has an inside story, and that everyone can read this and understand that every family has problems.

"I'm glad that it resonated with people and that they can identify with it."