Rare lunar occultation captured by Woodlands Resident

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Stomper Kannan spotted a lunar occultation at Woodlands Avenue 5 at around 6.15am yesterday (Sep 18) and decided to take pictures of the unusual phenomenon.

While lunar occultations are relatively common, this particular combination only happens once every 28 years, according to an article on Daily Mail.

Said Kannan:

"An occultation is defined as an event that passes between it and the observer. The term is often used in astronomy, but can also refer to any situation in which an object in the foreground blocks from view (occults) an object in the background.

"The waning crescent moon was near occultation with Planet Venus and was clearly visible to the naked eye during the pre-dawn skies of the east in Singapore at about 6.15am.

"On this day, the moon is believed to occult three planets (Venus, Mars and Mercury) and the star Regulus in less than 24-hours time. 

"Due to the morning twilight from the sunrise, the sight of the moon covering Venus was not visible though I managed to get close shots of the near occultation of the moon and Venus which was an awesome delight, thanks to the clear skies."