Race against time as Vietnam couple seek funds to save baby's life

It’s a race against time as a Vietnamese couple attempt to raise funds needed to save their baby’s life.

Stomper Calvan, a friend of the two, alerted Stomp to the incident. 

Tragedy struck on Jun 9 when the newborn, born on Jun 6 at Vinh Long General Hospital, suddenly turned bluish at 6.30pm.

The baby was transferred to the Children Hospital 1 in Ho Chi Minh City, where doctors diagnosed him with severe Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome upon undergoing echocardiography. 

Both the baby and his mother are still in the hospital. 

The heartbroken parents were told that the hospital would not be able to perform the surgery needed to save their baby’s life and that the procedure was only available in Singapore.

The estimated fees for the surgery was estimated to cost S$60,000, suggested Dr Julian Tan from The Heart Specialist Clinic.

Due to the fragile condition of the baby, the couple would also require the services of Air Ambulance to transport their baby to Singapore; which would cost another S$30,000. 

The parents are desperate and urgently seeking donations, sharing their story on a crowdsourcing platform, including GoGetFunding

Said Calvan:

“Time is very critical and I hope everyone can help.

“Babies with this condition typically don’t last more than a month.

“So, please help if you can.”