Quan Yifeng hospitalised for infection after getting stung by bug while filming

Local celebrity Quan Yifeng posted up two photos of her swollen right leg on her Facebook page on Friday night (Feb 9) at around 8pm.

In her post, she wrote that her limb had became swollen to the point it ‘resembled an elephant’.  

She said she was unsure what she was bitten by, but her leg had been painful for the last few days. 

However, she put up with the pain and continued working as usual. On Friday, she suddenly discovered that her right leg could not muster any strength and she could no longer walk. 

At the advice of good friend Addy Lee, she checked into a hospital. 

Following her admission, Lee posted up photos of Quan Yifeng in a hospital bed on his Instagram account and revealed that she would be undergoing a surgery.

Lianhe Wanbao contacted Lee for more details and were told that Qian Yifeng had gone to the airport on Friday night to pick up her mother and younger brother.

Coincidentally, Lee had called her at the time and found out from Quan Yifeng that her right leg was feeling weak and painful.

Lee immediately advised her to go to an accident and emergency department in a hospital. 

Quan Yifeng later consulted an orthopedist and was told that her wound had become infected. 

There was also pus from the inflammation, and a surgery was needed to remove the substance. 

When reporters contacted Quan Yifeng on Saturday (Feb 10), she told them that she had undergone a surgery at 1.30am, and was drowsy, drifting between sleep and consciousness. 

Reporters also noted that she sounded noticeably tired. 

She said that the doctor had confirmed that she was indeed bitten by a bug, and asked if she had been abroad recently. 

Quan Yifeng replied that she hadn’t and theorised that she could have been bitten while she was filming outdoors in Singapore a few days ago. 

“I didn’t feel anything while I was bitten. It wasn't even itchy. 

“On the second day,  there was suddenly a blister. I applied some medicine on it and it burst. It wasn’t painful at all. 

“On the third day, my right leg felt so weak and the wound started to swell, but I still continued with my outdoor shoot.”

Quan Yifeng continued with her routine up until Friday when she went to the airport to pick up her family members. 

She suddenly felt an intense pain on her ankle and started shivering. She also felt a burning sensation in her wound.

She said:

“Luckily my brother can drive. We went home to drop off our luggage and immediately headed to a hospital after that.”

Quan Yifeng also divulged that the doctors had bored a hole in her wound to drain the pus. 

The hole was only about the size of a dollar coin, but was quite deep she added.

As the infection had nearly reached her bone, the area of swelling was about 10cm in diameter. 

When she checked into the hospital, she had been unable to stand from the pain. 

Said Quan Yifeng:

“I did not expect a tiny red spot to be so serious. I didn’t even have to use a wheelchair during childbirth, but this time I had to.”

She also revealed that her family had flown over from Taiwan to spend the Lunar New Year.

“They intended to spend New Year here, but ended up spending the night in the hospital instead.”

Quan Yifeng’s mother also told reporters:

“Don’t need to worry about it, it will be alright after a little fixing.”

Despite her assurance, Quan Yifeng said that her mother was actually very worried, especially having to see her daughter in this state just after arriving in Singapore. 

The doctors told Quan Yifeng that she would have to remain in the hospital for at least two days, although she herself has attempted to shorten her stay, as she was worried that her stay may affect the Chinese New Year’s Eve’s program lineup. 

The medical staff also told her that there would be no scars. 

Asked if her daughter, Eleanor Lee, knew about her condition, Quan Yifeng said that she did not inform her daughter as she was filming a show in China and she did not want to cause her unnecessary worries. 

However, now that her condition has stabilised, she will inform her. 

In an update on her Facebook post on Saturday morning, Quan Yifeng said:

“Thank you everybody, for your concern. Fortunately, I didn’t wait till morning to visit the doctor or things could have been much more serious. Actually, I couldn’t bear with the pain anymore.

“I thought this would be a small matter and I could just soldier through, but when I was picking up my family from the airport, I realised that that right leg couldn’t muster any strength. I couldn’t even straighten it, and it felt like all the blood had rushed to my ankle. It felt like it was about to burst.

“My mother, brother and Addy brought me to a hospital.”