Purr-fect for work and play: New cat-friendly workspace opens near Arab Street

You have probably heard of cat cafes but can you imagine a co-working space featuring felines?

Meownistry of Meow is Singapore's first cat-friendly co-working space, nestled in the vibrant Kampong Glam area.

Stomp had the chance to visit the space at Jalan Klapa and hang out with some of their resident cats.

What sets Meownistry of Meow apart from cat cafes is that it also functions as a foster home for cats that have been abandoned and rescued.

If you happen to find your furry soulmate after your visit, you can enquire with the space's staff on how to adopt them.

Apart from that, the space spans two storeys in a shophouse and has open spaces as well as three private rooms you can book for meetings or social gatherings.

They come complete with Nintendo Switch consoles, Netflix and Disney+ and even karaoke -- a purr-fect place for work and play!

The space is paw-sitively comfortable and a great place to come to work if you need a respite from the hot weather or want a change of environment.

Although the cats may be distracting for some, they are a great source of stress relief.

Being cats, they will not bother you for long and will move on to hang out and do their own thing in the fully 'catified' space -- designed to stimulate cats' natural behaviour.

Meownistry of Meow also offers lockers and a free flow of cold and hot beverages. However, they do not have a food licence (yet) so be sure to grab a bite before coming down or take a break and visit the many eateries in the area.


  • Open lounge starting from $10 for a one-hour pass and $30 for a one-day pass.

  • Private rooms can be booked from $25 per hour.

Check out their full list of rates here.

Address: 4A Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199316

Opening hours: 11am to 10pm daily

Book your visit here.

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