Punggol resident says "Your Door Got Problem" letter from Feng Shui academy feels like "curses"

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A resident at Block 623B Punggol Central found a letter from a Feng Shui academy on her doorstep, which was entitled "Your Door Got Problem", and felt that its contents were like curses.

Stomper Ann contributed photos of the letter to Stomp.

She told Stomp: "I reached home at about 9pm and saw the letter at my doorstep. The letter was entitled 'Your Door Got Problem' and had a few other points like abnormal children if your stove is in certain location, family members easily fall sick, high possibility of major sickness striking, etc.

"These felt like curses to my household and could've been put across in a better way instead.

"My family and I felt very uneasy and annoyed because it was like we were being cursed."

Responding to a Stomp query, an Art of Eastern Science Academy spokesperson said: 

"After analysing our letter, it is determined that the points we wrote are based on scientific and mathematical calculations.

"They are factual statements that we derived, based on the degree of facing of the main door, the current year 2019 and the location of the main door. Which we have explained in the letter for their understanding.

"However, we do understand where the Stomper is coming from and will edit our letter accordingly to minimise future confusion.

"We would also like to add that with our years of experience and numerous projects track records, all our analysis and statements are based on scientifically proven grounds with clear evidence.

"Should anyone feel unclear or confused by what Real Feng Shui really means, they are free to come down to our academy to understand more.

"Or they could also view this short video on Er Zhai Shi Yan (二宅实验) (written and published in 1927) during their free time: https://youtu.be/hMaVQzoNUs8 (English) and https://youtu.be/RqlfkxgWWTM (Chinese).

"Should you require further information or also wish to understand more, please visit us at our office at Block 465 North Bridge Road #02-5055 S(191465) or give us a call."

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