PUB's heart-wrenching Hari Raya video about 2 orphaned brothers will give you all the feels

Unless you have a heart of stone, this local short film centered on two brothers is guaranteed to turn on the waterworks.

Titled 'Kinship', the six-minute video was posted on national water agency PUB's Facebook page and YouTube channel on Thursday (May 30).

Produced in celebration of Hari Raya, the video is PUB's first festive short film and tells of two brothers who grow up in an orphanage in the 1960s.

Named Din and Zul, the siblings are seen enjoying a close relationship, from playing by a reservoir to seeking shelter from the rain.

Until Din finds a foster home, that is.

Upset at being left behind, Zul turns hostile and the brother's relationship becomes strained, with a tearful Din leaving the orphanage on Hari Raya.

It is only after 50 years when Din returns to the reservoir, where he stumbles upon a message that Zul left behind for him.

"Water is a precious resource that plays a central role in many cultures. For the Malay community, water is synonymous with family ties as described in the Malay proverb ‘Air dicincang tidak akan putus’ (translated as ‘water doesn’t break apart when you chop it’)," wrote PUB in its caption.

"Kinship is as precious as water. Make every drop count."

Netizens have reacted positively to the video, which has garnered over 125,000 views, 3,100 likes and 3,400 shares to date.

Seeking "closure", many also asked for a "Part 2" to show the brothers reuniting and getting the happy ending that the deserve.

Here's some trivia about the video, according to The Straits Times:

  • It was filmed over two days and features locations such as Tampines Quarry and the Boys' Brigade building in Ganges Avenue

  • It was written and produced by creative agency Tribal Worldwide Singapore and directed by FreeFlow Productions' Roslee Yusuf

  • A team of about 50 people, including five scriptwriters and cultural writers, took a little over a month to put the film together

  • The classic Malay ballad used in the film is Gerimis Mengundang (Invitation Of The Drizzle)

  • Singapore and Asian Idol winner Hady Mirza was behind the song's vocals and gave it a modern spin

  • PUB's official mascot Water Wally makes an appearance at least twice in the video (can you spot him?)