Property agent receives backlash after saying delivery riders, private hire drivers 'have no future'

Malaysian property agent Paul Lim has come under fire after his unsavoury comments about food delivery riders and private hire drivers.

In a live stream video on Nov 7, Lim and his partner mocked those who take up such jobs.

Entrepreneurship educator Maggie Fong asked viewers: "How can you have a future doing food delivery?"

She then said there are better ways to make money, like selling property to the wealthy.

"If you can sell something with million-dollar price tags to the rich, your aura will change," she said.

Lim, 28, then showed off a luxury watch on his wrist and said he had treated himself to the 110,000 ringgit (S$36,000) timepiece.

Incensed, some netizens commented that food delivery riders and private-hire drivers are still making an honest living.

Fong then said: "Only parasites drive Grab, they have no culture."

Two days after the controversial livestream, Lim issued a public apology on Facebook.

The 28-year-old asked for forgiveness while wiping away his tears in a six-minute-long livestream video.


Posted by Paul Lim on Tuesday, November 9, 2021

He said: "I am sorry, please give me a chance to change my ways."

He also pleaded to netizens not to involve his family or company in the furore.

Fong also apologised for her harsh words and said in an interview with Sin Chew Daily that her intention was to encourage young people to improve themselves and seek breakthroughs.

She added that she had learned a lesson from the incident and will be more careful with her words in the future.

She will also stop taking part in live stream videos except for those related to charity work.