Prime mover crash at Boon Lay Place: New video shows driver arguing with police officers

Submitted by Stomper Shawn

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A new video of an accident involving a prime mover at Boon Lay Place has been circulating on WhatsApp, showing the driver arguing with police officers.

The incident which happened along Boon Lay Place on  Sunday morning (Feb 4) at around 7.46am, saw the prime trailer crashing into a tree, and cracking its windscreen. 

In the video which Stomper Shawn shared with Stomp, the driver, shown in Khaki pants, can be seen arguing with four officers.  

An unidentified man and a woman could be seen standing next to him. 

The nature of the exchange between the officers and the driver remains unclear. 

A witness told Stomp that the driver also threatened to beat up a passerby and claimed that he was from Tiong Meng Ko, a secret society based in Taman Jurong. 

The police later confirmed that the driver was arrested for suspected drink driving. 

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