Primary school students toss heartwarming note to pest control workers at Canberra Walk

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Two primary school students demonstrated an act of kindness by passing a heartwarming note to pest control workers at Canberra Walk.

Facebook user Mama Eetaa alerted Stomp to the heartwarming story she had shared on her Facebook page on Friday night (Apr 3).

She addressed her post to Wellington Primary School, where she believes the two girls are studying at.

"I wish to convey my heartfelt appreciation on behalf of my brother, Khairul Alainn, for these two beautiful girls Cui En (P6) and Cui Ying (P5) for their thoughtfulness towards society," she said.

She wrote that her brother, a pest control worker, was resting with his colleagues at a loading bay at Canberra Walk when the girls tossed a little note written on Wellington Primary School foolscap paper from their home on the fifth floor.

"It may seem like a simple handwritten note but it brightened up their day receiving that little motivational note from them, especially during this Covid-19 situation," Eetaa said.

Eetaa added she wanted to share the incident to give the girls the recognition they deserve.

"I am very sure their parents will be extremely proud of their daughters' kind gestures," she said.