Price of chicken daily bowl at Stuff'd increased by $1 in 6 months and Stomper has receipts

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Is the daily bowl affordable on a daily basis anymore?

The price of the chicken daily bowl at the Stuff'd outlet in Clementi Mall has gone up by $1 in six months and one loyal customer has the receipts to prove it.

Stomper Lupercal shared photos of three receipts from July last year to this month.

"Within the span of six months, Stuff'd has increased the price of its daily bowl by $1," said the Stomper.

"On July 31 last year, it was $7.90. On Aug 1, it was $8.50. On Jan 10, it was $8.90.

"I think it is too much over such a short period of time. The price increased twice in a span of only six months. And the portions they give did not increase at all."

Will he avoid Stuff'd now because of the price hike?

"For now, I would not stop buying," he said. "But I have already decided to cut down on my purchases from them to once a week.

"However, if they increase their price again this year, I will stop buying from them."

Stomp has contacted Stuff'd for more info.

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