Pri 5 student gets caned: Marks look so severe, says Mum; it's in accordance with rules, says school

Submitted by Stomper N

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A Primary 5 student at Horizon Primary School was caned for misbehaving, but his mother is concerned over the cane marks on his leg, which she feels are severe. 

Stomper N, the 11-year-old boy's aunt, alerted Stomp to the incident and said: "My sister would like to bring up this issue but does not know how, so I'm helping her."

In a phone interview with Stomp, she said that her nephew was given one stroke of the cane on Aug 15 for 'misbehaving'.

"He is a hyperactive kid (but not ADHD) and also apparently brought poker cards to school.

"The vice-principal did the caning in his office."

While the boy's parents were informed about the caning and signed an acknowledgement form from the school, they did not expect how serious the marks would be.

A photo from Stomper N shows bright red cane marks on her nephew's thigh, with bruising in the same area as well.

Stomper N said: "We all thought the caning would be on the buttocks, but it was on my nephew's thigh. We didn't expect the scar that he is now left with.

"After the caning, he was unable to sit for a week and had a phobia of returning to school. He even thought of changing schools."

N added that her nephew is currently back at school.

In response to Stomp queries, a spokesman for Horizon Primary School said in a statement: "One of our students was counselled and caned in accordance with the school rules so that he would understand the consequences of his actions.

"We have been working with his family to help the student learn. He has resumed learning actively in school."

Stomper N confirmed that the school had been in touch with the boy's family but said: "My sister is still upset about what happened and would like to pursue the matter further."

When asked by Stomp to address the family's concerns, Horizon Primary School declined to comment further.