Metal pole in front of Toa Payoh public swimming pool ladder 'potential hazard', says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Susilo

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Design fail?

Imagine you just swam 50 laps in the pool. You are spent. You go to the ladder at the side of the pool to climb out of the water.

And you walk right into a metal pole in front of you. Ouch.

Why didn't you watch where you were going? You just swam 50 laps and you were tired.

But should the pole be right in front of the pool ladder?

Stomper Susilo shared photos of such a pole at the Toa Payoh Swimming Complex.

"Good engineering design of the pole directly in front of the swimming pool ladder," said the Stomper sarcastically.

"It is a potential hazard. If you are not careful, once you come out of the swimming pool, you could hit the metal pole."

What is the pole doing there?

In response to a Stomp query, a Sport Singapore spokesperson said: "The backstroke indicator pole was installed for the safety of swimmers, as it informs backstroke swimmers that they are nearing the end of the pool."

Backstroke indicator poles are usually placed 5m from both ends of the swimming pool.

The spokesman added: "ActiveSG acknowledges the patron’s feedback and will be making arrangements to shift the pool ladder to address the situation."