Porsche driver shows motorist middle finger -- then plays 'braking game' along River Valley Road

Submitted by Stomper Harley

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A driver of a Porsche sports car turned nasty when Stomper Harley sounded his horn at him when the driver abruptly cut into his lane, flashing a middle finger, and even jamming on brakes for no apparent reason. 

The incident happened at River Valley Road on Tuesday (Jun 20), at around 8.27am.

The sequence of events was captured on a dashboard camera on Harley’s vehicle. 

In the video, the driver of Porsche SJZ1189C suddenly overtook Harley’s vehicle which was on the left lane. 

According to Harley, he sounded his horn at the Porsche driver, although the audio was not recorded in the video which Harley sent to Stomp.

The Porsche driver who was in front of Harley, then slowed his vehicle and flashed him a middle finger.

Next he suddenly jammed on his brakes after crossing a traffic junction, before driving off again. 

Said Harley:

“I guess he’s not happy when I sounded my horn.

“This kind of behaviour is just dangerous.”