Porsche driver flashes middle finger 3 times at Stomper, plays braking game along Cavenagh Rd

Submitted by Stomper Wong

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Stomper Wong was driving along Cavenagh Road on April 22 when a Porsche driver cut in front of him without indicating and started to exhibit road rage behaviour.

It is unclear what incited the Porsche driver.

After he cut in front of Wong, he immediately stuck his arm out of his driver's side window and flashed the middle finger.

He then jammed on his brakes despite the lights being green and flashed the middle finger again.

The Porsche driver continued to play the braking game along the road, apparently preventing Wong from changing lanes or getting out from behind him.

As the two drivers came to a stop at another traffic light, the Porsche driver flashed the middle finger yet again.

Watch the video below.