Bird poop 'attack' at Hougang block 'possible case of high-rise bird feeding': Town council

Submitted by Stomper Kay

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Birds are apparently targeting a specific spot at a particular block in Hougang by concentrating their droppings there.

The town council told Stomp that someone might be attracting the birds by feeding them.

Stomper Kay called the birds pooping at Block 406 Hougang Avenue 10 an "attack" and shared a video taken on Jan 4 showing the mess left behind by the avian pests.

"Strangely, it is especially bad at the stack of flats nearest to the turn of the road. Residents in the affected stack have given up and stopped hanging their clothes out for drying."

The Stomper added: "The bird droppings are greatly affecting the health of the residents.

"As we know, birds droppings cause psittacosis, which is a disease caused by the bacteria carried by birds. Humans most commonly catch the disease by inhaling dust containing feathers, secretions and droppings from infected birds.

"Older people generally experience more severe illness. In the void deck, during different times of the day and evening, there is a group of senior citizens who would gather."

Psittacosis is also known as parrot fever.

The Stomper said she had reported the matter to the authorities via the OneService app.

"I hope that the town council, NParks and National Environment Agency would look into the root cause of this issue. The easy way out is to wash the floor every day. However, the bird droppings will not ease unless the root cause is controlled or dealt with."

In response to a Stomp query, the Aljunied-Hougang Town Council said: "The town council is looking into the matter as a possible case of high-rise bird feeding that is contributing to birds flocking at the vicinity of Block 406.

"We are currently working with the relevant agency to address the matter. In the meantime, the town council has been jet-washing the affected areas on a routine and adhoc basis.

"We urge residents to not feed wild birds and to inform the town council should they witness anyone doing so."