Police report made after biker seen taking another rider's helmet at Bedok North

A motorcyclist who parked his bike at Block 213 Bedok North Street 1 was dismayed to return and find his helmet missing from his vehicle.

CCTV footage of the incident, which occurred on Aug 3 at around 10.23am, shows that a man had taken the helmet while its owner was gone.

Facebook userĀ Lenz Wahid, who is the helmet's owner, posted about the incident online and shared a video showing the man caught in the act as "tribute".

Wahid said in his post, "I arrived [at] around 8.45am and parked my bike at Lot 23, behind a shop at Block 213 Bedok North Street 1, to go to Bedok Polyclinic with my partner!

"After [visiting the] polyclinic, I had breakfast and returned to my bike [at] around 10.30am... and wow, lost my helmet which I clipped at my handlebar!"

In the clip, the man first removed a black helmet from his own motorcycle, which has the licence plate FBJ4320Z.

He can then be seen walking around and approaching Wahid's motorcycle, before returning to his own bike with another white/silver helmet in his hand.

The man then placed the other helmet into his own motorcycle box, before riding away.

Wahid, who retrieved the surveillance footage from a shop employee, added, "My helmet is not that expensive but you [are] giving me all the trouble and loss of income for [that] particular day.. .and etc!"

According to him, he has also made a police report, photos of which he shared on Facebook too.