Police officer who beat red light and reversed gets $200 fine, 12 demerit points

A police officer who beat the red light at a traffic junction on June 4 was fined $200 and given 12 demerit points.

In a video that was circulated on various Facebook pages, such as SG Road Vigilante, a police car is seen crossing a yellow box at a traffic junction before stopping in front of pedestrians who were crossing the road.

The patrol car is seen heading towards pedestrians who were crossing the road before reversing and stopping after a stop line.

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singapore police force patrol car beat red light

Pls ownself fine $200 & 12 Demerit Points ownself!

youtube link : https://youtu.be/yGEZHx8-Nok

Posted by SG Road Vigilante - SGRV on Monday, 4 June 2018

In response to a Stomp query, a Singapore Police Force (SPF) spokesman said: "Upon conclusion of traffic police investigations, the officer was found to have committed the offence of failing to conform to the red light signal.

"The officer has been fined $200 and incurred 12 demerit points to his driving record.

"Officers of the SPF are not only expected to uphold the law but also maintain the highest standard of conduct.

"Anyone who commits an offence will be dealt with in accordance with the law."