Police NSman killed in SLE accident: 'He was someone you could call at 2am about your problems'

The 23-year-old motorcyclist killed in an accident along the Seletar Expressway (SLE) on Sep 10 was a Police NSman who was always there for his friends.

Faiz Bin Salim was unconscious when conveyed to Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (KTPH), where he later KTPH), where he later succumbed to his injuries.

His pillion rider survived the accident and was conveyed conscious to KTPH with abrasions on his left limb.

A 40-year-old lorry driver is currently assisting with police investigations.

Mr Eddy Wahid, a colleague of the victim at Woodlands West Neighbourhood Police Centre, confirmed Mr Salim's death and told Stomp, "He was my closest friend".

Mr Wahid said he learned of the accident and his friend's passing through an Instagram post: "My first thought was that it was just a joke and it wasn't real. I couldn't believe it.

"I called my friend, Salam, and asked if it was real. Salam called Faiz's mobile phone and his mother picked up the call, saying that Faiz had just passed away."

Mr Wahid, who has known the victim for two years, described him as a "very close buddy" and "the best colleague at Woodlands West NPC".

He recounted: "Last month, we went to Krabi for our ORD trip. There were five of us: Faiz, Salam, Harith, Gayyum and me. We spent six days and five nights together, and had even planned to go for another group trip next month.

"We would also visit the gym together every week and slacked with each other during our off days in Team Alpha.

"Faiz and I were so close that we could share anything and everything with each other.

"We had even planned to sign on as police regulars and extend our services while waiting for the recruitment results.

"This is a great loss for all of us."

Mr Wahid also told Stomp that Mr Salim was the kind of friend who would always be there for someone.

He said: "Faiz helped you out in everything. Motivated you to achieve your goals and kept you safe in every moment.

"He was always there, even when he was tired. Even if you called him at 2am to hear your problems and stories, he would be there.

"If I had the chance to talk to Faiz, I would want to hug him and tell him, 'Thank you for always being there for the four of us and thank you for all the memories together.'