Police called in after window falls on ledge at Hougang HDB block, shattering glass

Submitted by Stomper Stella

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Stomper Stella was looking out from her windows on Sunday (Jan 7) at around 4pm, when she spotted a shattered window panel on a ledge at the opposite block, Block 308, Hougang Avenue 5.

The shattered glass and metal frame had landed on the ledge.

She quickly took some photos and sent them to Stomp. 

Stella said:

“My first thought was, ‘what happened?”

“Sometimes I will go through the block as well, so I was worried about the safety.

“Besides, there are children and some elderly people in the vicinity as well.”

According to Stella, she saw police officers arrive at the block at around 5pm. 

Stomp has contacted the police for an official statement on the incident. 

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