Police called in after passenger and daughter accuse cabby of using "the F word"

A dispute erupted between a taxi driver and his passenger after she accused him of being rude and using "the F word".

A video of the incident was posted on All Singapore Stuff's Facebook page where the female passenger and a young girl who is believed to be her daughter are seen talking to a police officer who is trying to understand the situation.

The video appears to be being recorded by the taxi driver.

In the video, the woman is talking to the police officer and then turns to her daughter and tells her to "say something" to the taxi driver.

The girl says, "he said the F word and S word and it's not right."

The woman then tells the woman to record the man as well and says, "Who is right, who is wrong... Everybody can judge."

It is unclear when or where the incident happened.

Watch the video below.