Police called in after egg seller in Boon Lay allegedly slaps sister for 'stealing customer'

A pair of siblings-turned-rival egg sellers came to blows when the brother accused his younger sister of ‘stealing his customer’ and allegedly slapped her, resulting in the police being called in.

The incident happened at Boon Lay Place Market last Thursday (Jun 1) at around 9.30am, and both parties operated stalls selling eggs next to the other, reports Lianhe Wanbao via Lianhe Zaobao

The 50-year-old victim told reporters that a customer had been looking at eggs at her brother’s stall before coming over to her stall to make a purchase. 

Said the victim:

“My brother was so angry, shouting at me and saying that I was a money grubber for stealing his customer. 

“I’ve been running my business here for more than 10 years now, and I have a lot of frequent customers.

“I’ve been putting up with my brother for a long time now.

“I just didn’t want to make things difficult.”

Later, as the victim was talking to a stall vendor, her brother had suddenly approached her from behind and slapped her on her right cheek. 

The victim, infuriated by the slap, called the police, after which police officers arrived on the scene to mediate the situation. 

She also visited a doctor that night, citing a stinging headache after the attack. 

It is understood that this was not the first time that the two had an altercation.

The original stall had been left behind by the sibling’s deceased mother, and given to the accused’s wife.

However, knowing that his recently divorced sister had to raise her young child, the accused decided to give the stall to her instead.

In 2014, the victim decided to expand her business by buying over the stall next to hers. after the original tenant decided not to continue his lease.

During this time, another sister of theirs was financially strapped, and the accused asked the victim to return the stall to him so that he could give the stall to said sister. 

According to the accused’s wife, the victim initially refused to give up the stall but ultimately gave in, instead taking over the stall next to the original. 

However, their sister decided not to operate the stall as she did not want to invite trouble, and the in the end, the stall was given back to the accused’s wife.

The siblings have been on bad terms ever since.