Police called 5 times after passenger disputes with driver who drove onto expressway without consent

A female passenger unhappy with her private-hire driver for taking the expressway started scolding him, which prompted the latter to return her back to her original location in a fit of anger. 

The incident happened at Block 476A Upper Serangoon View last Friday (Nov 10) at around 7pm.

After the husband of the female passenger came to know about the situation, he confronted the driver with another male companion. 

The three subsequently became embroiled in a scuffle.

During the process, both the Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were alerted. 

The driver, Ken, 40, told Lianhe Wanbao that he had picked up the female passenger who was heading towards Jalan Besar. 

According to Ken, the woman started ‘throwing tantrums’ when he went onto the expressway.

He recounted the event: "She started scolding me and asking me why I went onto the expressway without first asking her. She even called me a ‘sucker’ and said I wasted her time."

Ken added that the passenger even as she was degrading him, told him, ‘you better not turn left if I ask you to turn right.’

Angered by her degrading comments, Ken decided to bring her back Serangoon View instead, demanding that she booked a ride with another driver. 

He said: "I told her that I won’t be driving her anymore and wanted to send her back to her home immediately.

"She immediately called her husband and asked him to wait for us at the foot of the block. 

"I was worried that he would harm me, so I called the police immediately while I was in the vehicle.”

When the car pulled over back at Serangoon View, there were two men waiting at the foot of the block.

Ken revealed: "After the passenger alighted, her husband started banging on my car door, asking me where I was taking his wife. He wanted me to open the door."

Fearing for his safety, Ken called the police twice again. 

When he unlocked the doors, the passenger’s husband rushed into the back seat, while his companion took the front passenger seat.

The two of them restrained Ken and prevent him from leaving, leading to a scuffle.

Ken also sustained injuries on his left arm.

Not long after, a police patrol vehicle arrived at the scene and both parties stopped the fight. The passenger’s husband also filed a police report. 

In response to media queries, a police spokesman confirmed the incident.