Police and HazMat team called in to Changi Airport's Terminal 2, no hazardous substances found

Submitted by Stomper Srasunny

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The police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) were alerted to a case of suspicious substance at Changi Airport's Terminal 2 on Friday evening (Nov 30), but no hazardous matter was found.

Stomper Srasunny said he was picking up a passenger at the airport at around 9.05pm when he noticed authorities at the scene.

He told Stomp: "There were five fire engines as well as the Hazardous Material (HazMat) team there. Traffic was stopped at the arrival hall."

In response to queries by Stomp, the police said they were alerted to a case of suspicious substance found at Terminal 2 at 7.21pm.

"The SCDF did not detect any hazardous substances," added a police spokesman.

The police have classified the case as intentionally causing alarm and are looking into the matter.

Check out a video filmed by the Stomper below.