PMD users form snaking long queue at Woodlands to dispose their devices

Submitted by Stomper Min

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Owners of non-compliant e-scooters have until the end of the year to dispose of their devices and collect a $100 incentive.

This is why Stomper Min saw a snaking long queue of people at Block 547 Woodland Drive 16 on Thursday afternoon (Nov 14).

In photos he shared with Stomp, the line started at the disposal point near the corner next to a multi-storey carpark and extended to the void deck of Block 547.

A lorry is seen loaded to the brim with e-scooters.

According to the Land Transport Authority (LTA) website, the disposal point was set up at the said location from 5pm to 9pm yesterday.

The LTA  introduced the early disposal incentive in September and extended it by a month for users to dispose of their non-UL2272-certified e-scooters.

This is amid growing concerns of fires linked to the devices.