PMD rider crashes into car along Woodlands Ring Road

A personal mobility device (PMD) rider collided with a car along Woodlands Ring Road after failing to pay attention to his surroundings.

It is unclear when the accident occurred, though a video was uploaded by Facebook page on Friday (May 24).

The driver who submitted the video, known as Chris, said he had stopped his car upon approaching a pedestrian crossing, only for the e-scooter rider to crash into the back of his car.

Chris alleged: "Came out and this rider was rude and raised his voice that I braked suddenly.

"He was NOT even supposed to be on the road.

"The car was slightly damaged and I took his mobile number to settle later. Now he claims that he does not have money to pay for the repairs and blocked my calls. Looks like this amount will be defaulted. Thus I made a police report."

Under the Active Mobility Act, e-scooters are not allowed on roads.