PM Lee shows funny side with video of bloopers while filming National Day Rally trailer

Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong took to Facebook to show netizens his funny side with a blooper video of his National Day Rally trailer.

In the actual trailer published on Aug 18, PM Lee gave a preview of what Singaporeans can expect at the National Day Rally that took place on Aug 20.

The video included a shot of him speaking while standing on stage, as well as a sequence where he spoke while taking a short walk.

That might seem like a simple video, but it was actually anything but straightforward.

Yesterday (Aug 25), PM Lee posted another video showing the bloopers from the trailer's recording session.

Other than showing the lighter side of our Prime Minister, the clip also shows that being on video is easier said than done.

Read a caption on the footage of the bloopers:

"Last week, I tried something new. For my trailer for the National Day Rally (, I had to walk and talk at the same time. TV personalities (especially David Attenborough!) make it look easy, but it is harder than you think. I am not quite Wonder Woman ( but after a few tries, I finally got a “clean take”.

"My team caught my bloopers on video, and put this clip together. Have fun on a #throwbackthursday. :) – LHL"

Have a look at the videos below. The first video shows the official trailer, while the second one shows PM Lee's bloopers.