Please help! I lost $11,500 worth of items in a Longchamp bag at Simei void deck

Submitted by Stomper Maria

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Stomper Maria lost almost S$11,500 worth of items at Block 226, Simei Street 4 on Tuesday (Jun 13) at around 10pm. 

During the time of the incident, Maria was transferring to a new flat and called for an Uber.

She waited for her ride with a friend, all of her belongings in the void deck. 

However, she told Stomp that the Uber driver later cancelled on her and she had to flag a taxi instead.

After getting a cab, Maria and her friend frantically moved the items on board.

However, during the process, the two left out a Longchamp bag containing three sets of jewelry, five watches, a GoPro 5 and a Canon DSLR.

When Maria realised that the bag was missing the next morning, she went down immediately to the void deck but could not find it.

Said Maria:

“Please return the items if you found them!

“Thank you very much!”

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