Planning to visit Malaysia for Durian McFlurry? It's sold out... till 2018

Singaporeans went gaga when McDonald's launched its Nasi Lemak Burger exclusively in the Lion City.

However, it sold out islandwide in just two weeks, leaving many -- especially those who had yet to try the burger -- disappointed.

Malaysia's exclusive Durian McFlurry created an equally huge buzz when it was launched on Aug 24, along with its new Durian Sundae Cone.

The desserts are made with real D24 durians and smell extremely aromatic, according to some netizens.

But those hoping to cross the causeway for your durian fix are about to sorely disappointed -- the Durian McFlurry is sold out in Malaysia too, in less than a week.

McDonald's Malaysia said on its Facebook page on Aug 29: "Thank you for your overwhelming support for the D24 Durian McFlurry™. Because of everyone's love of Durians, we sold five times more than anticipated.

"As the product is made from real D24 Durian fruits, we won’t be able to get any extra stocks this year. However, we promise to bring it back in 2018.

"Again, thank you for lovin' the D24 Durian McFlurry™ and we hope you'll continue to enjoy our other desserts such as the Oreo McFlurry™ and Chocolate Sundae."

Guess we just gotta wait.