Pizza Hut apologises after going MIA with customer's order

Submitted by Stomper Ryann

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Pizza Hut has apologised after a customer was left waiting for a delivery that never came and no explanation to what had happened.

Stomper Ryann told Stomp he had placed an order from the restaurant at 12.40pm on Saturday (Apr 18) to be delivered on Sunday (Apr 19) at 1.45pm.

"More than 24 hours later, and my pizza has yet to be delivered," he said on Monday (Apr 20).

"I've tried email, calling in, messaging them on Facebook and Instagram.

"No reply."

After looking through Pizza Hut's Facebook page on Monday, he discovered a flood of complaints from other customers who had not received their orders either.

"I understand with the situation now, they might be overwhelmed but how can they not deliver or reply to us?" he said.

"This is very upsetting."

In response to a Stomp query, a Pizza Hut spokesman said on Friday (Apr 24) they were sorry to hear of the customer's unpleasant delivery experience.

"We have investigated the incident and have since resolved the case with this customer," the spokesman said.

"Due to the current circuit breaker situation, we're facing overwhelming orders and in that process this order was overlooked and not processed.

"The team is constantly observing the situation and reviewing our processes to ensure that no orders are overlooked and that we’re delivering customers’ orders on time.

"We want to take this opportunity to assure you that, even though the volume of orders and feedback have increased tremendously, we are committed to customer satisfaction, and are working hard to look into each and every feedback as soon as possible and respond to our customers.

"We apologize again and hope this clarifies."