'Pissed ex-user' leaves angry note on oBike at Compassvale Lane

Submitted by Stomper Colter

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Stomper Colter came across an unusual note on an oBike near 10 Compassvale Lane at about 3pm on Tuesday (July 10) while he was returning home. 

The note read: "Great working condition, No deposit required forever. No lock though."

It was signed off by "a pissed ex-oBike user".

Amused, Colter took a photo of the note and sent it to Stomp.

He said: "I guess the person must be pretty mad, seeing that oBike suddenly just left Singapore.

"Perhaps he had difficulty getting back his deposit. My friend is caught in the same situation as well."

Asked if it is the first time he has come across notes left behind by the “pissed ex-oBike user”, Colter quipped: "it’s the first time I come across such a note. I don’t regularly use these bicycles.

"Moreover, I didn’t dare to use this bicycle because I thought someone would think I’m the one who wrote the lock, or worse still, broke the lock."

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